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New Moon in Gemini: An opening to the energies of the Summer


The New Moon in Gemini occured at 7:05 am PDT on June 16, 2015. Along with it, we had the Sun/Mars conjunction at 23 degrees of Gemini on Sunday, June 14 and Saturn in its retrograde cycle moved back into the late degrees of Scorpio, also on June 14, which felt like a breath of fresh air (at least for the moment!). With these aspect patterns in Gemini along with Mercury now direct, clarity and greater focus is available to all. Information or learning that just wasn’t grabbing, is clearer and we wondered why we didn’t catch it before. The brain was re-wiring itself over these last four weeks and we now have the drive to reach our goals and further our dreams.

We still have one more week to go though before the clouds appear to part to reveal blue skies ahead. A piece of critical information or decision making must still occur, and the end of June through the first week of July offers renewed vitality, optimism, creativity, and vision. Not to mention adventure, fun, and romance! Just be careful of going overboard, as too much fun has its consequences.

Eve Elly by Ken Sergi
Eve Elly by Ken Sergi

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