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An Expansion of the Heart: A vortex of Love


Yes, we are in the time of Leo, in a very big way this time. Venus (love, beauty, the feminine, creativity, prosperity, in its shadow side excess drama, vanity, and entitlement issues) retrogrades or appears to go backwards from the perspective of the Earth passing her on its revolution around the Sun, thus extending her journey through Leo and the first degree of Virgo from June 5 – October 7, 2015.

This is more than 3 times her normal journey in Leo.  She brings many experiences of past, present, and future love with her.  As well as blessings and awareness as Jupiter (expansion and growth) aligns with her in Leo twice (first time occurred on the night of June 30/July1) and August 4, and once in Virgo on October 25, 2015. The last time we had this occurence with Venus retrograding through early Virgo and Leo while Jupiter was in the same signs was the Summer of 1991. Mercury (our communication both internal and external) joins in the alignment the first week of August, Mars (our masculine drive and focus) enters Leo August 8 to do its play there (which it did back in 1991 as well), and Saturn (shows us the limitations, obstacles, and resistance to be dealt with) in late Scorpio joins the energy wave. We had the Mercury/Sun alignment in Leo two weeks ago on July 23 and we will have the Venus/Sun alignment in Leo on August 15 right alongside the New Moon in Leo on August 14. We wrap up the month with the Venus/Mars alignment in Leo on August 31.

This is the astronomical viewpoint, now what does it really mean! Think of it this way, the Sun is a Star that illuminates and nourishes all the planets and other bodies in our Solar System, and all of these planets and bodies revolve around it. Therefore the Sun has an audience and a following, and sustains our Solar System’s intricate ecosystem. The Sun rules the sign of Leo, and is exalted in Aries, giving it King and Queen status. How are you ruling your kingdom, which should always begin with self-rule and ripple outward. The heart is the center of Leo energy, so one must rule with one’s heart (intuition and love) while also giving proper attention to one’s head (logic and rationality). Responsibility for one’s choices and decisions is also an important part of this role. For to take into consideration the consequences of one’s actions before one acts is the mark of a great ruler.

An alignment of multiple planets in Leo brings to the forefront one’s leadership skills, self-esteem and self-confidence issues, and sets the stage for your individual play. Leo rules the stage and acting, as well as the political arena. Both require visibility and some level of acting and charisma. Where in your life are you taking the stage or the lead, or are you more comfortable behind the scenes. That is fine as long as you are noticed and respected for your skills, as Leo wants to be honored no matter what the profession, and we all have Leo somewhere in our charts!  A bigger question, is what masks are you wearing in your daily life that are not true to who you are. Look deeply at these areas of your life for they cannot be ignored any longer. AND remember, we are all on stage, so learn how to share and show mutual respect!

As always, when there is intense astrology going on, driving can be a challenge all its own, and the technology systems we rely on, cell phones, computers, tv, etc can intermittently have technical difficulties, lol.

Without a doubt July through August going into September, can bring greatness, especially in matters of the heart. However, Saturn is there in Scorpio policing your every move and compelling you to acknowledge your core wounds to further heal and release them. We can no longer live in our past selves and not suffer. Bless Jupiter, Venus, all the other planets in Leo, and Uranus (the great awakener) in Aries for showing us that we have a good future if we can face the pain and say I love you, I forgive you, and bless you for the teaching. Feeling the pain and acknowleding it without judgement moves it out of our energy field, and frees the heart to more fully love and follow one’s light. For after all, the Sun is a big reminder that we are all lights with our unique gifts to light up the World.

I will continue to talk about this as we go through the month. I strongly suggest you either come to or get the lecture and meditation via email that I am giving on August 16, 2015 beginning at 4pm PDT. The lecture & meditation will be $15, if you want to include a mini-reading it will be a total of $35. I am also co-partnering with Lydia DiVincenzo for our astrological and Spirit guidance messages once a month, with the next one taking place on Sunday, August 9, from 3-5 pm. It is a more in depth reading with both of us and you get a print out of your natal chart and a recording of the session, all for $50. If you bring a guest you receive a $5 bonus and your guest can listen in for free. Contact me via email, phone, or text for either event and Payment in advance is required!


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