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Expansion and Contraction

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The planets Jupiter & Saturn are guiding us through the skies right now and will be having a big influence in our lives over the next two years. They are the two largest planets in our Solar System, playing a key role as ‘Celestial Teachers’. Jupiter often takes the role as adventuresome, optimistic, and expansive. IT can also be reckless and opportunistic. Jupiter guides us through growth into new and unfamiliar territory, therefore expanding our viewpoint and experience base. We might look at Jupiter as that subject matter or teacher we are looking forward to studying. However this time the subject is our own psyche and the core wound patterns playing out in our lives. As we were moving into November, Jupiter made its first opposition to Chiron (another great teacher but more on the psychological and healing level) which it will do two more times next year building energy towards it in February 2016 and August 2016. We are learning now that we no longer want to live with these patterns and we are working with emotional, psychological and spiritual tools to intricately and gently remove them from our consciousness. This is a step by step process that requires due diligence and perseverance, and most of all humility and kindness in the face of it all. It is also important that we handle this learning and evolution forward from a sense of community where we can help one another while further recognizing and developing healthy boundaries. Ask for help, reach out beyond your comfort zone, consider joining support groups, going to therapy sessions whether its counseling or another healing modality.

This first Jupiter/Chiron opposition on November 3 began defining this month. It was followed by the movement towards the Full Moon across Gemini and Sagittarius on November 25, 2015 and the Mercury and Sun alignments with Saturn in Sagittarius occurring through the end of November, 2015. Every Thursday and Friday of this month and going into December,  the Moon in a mutable sign (Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini) has fully activated the pattern and is providing fertile ground for our first experience of what is to come, both on the individual and global arenas. For we cannot speak about the Sagittarius influence fully until we globalize it. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and thus expansion and learning needs to occur within the ‘global community’ as well as the individual one (our personal beliefs, religious, spiritual, other). Sagittarius energy also involves the education system and the media. Expect to see events and changes here as well. The New Moon in Sagittarius on December 11 can be a further activation of this energy, though by then it will be moving with more freedom. Through all of this the planet Uranus in Aries is our guide, seek to break free of ‘old patternings and habits’. But first, you must recognize them and you may be shocked at how deeply embedded in your psyche they are. Uranus compels us to look outside of our comfort zones, to stretch into unknown creative and evolutionary territory. And when Mercury enters Capricorn (evening of December 9th), the journey will take on more definition and dimension.

As Jupiter is considered expansion, Saturn is about contraction. It can often be that teacher or class that requires a lot of homework, isn’t fun, and is difficult to assimilate. In the long run, Saturn can offer more long term rewards than Jupiter. Study hard and don’t take this World so personally.We will do both on this journey, growing forward and then pulling back to process. Being intensely involved in our environment and then hermitting!

Saturn and Jupiter will meet up three times throughout 2016 in a square aspect, and Saturn will be challenging Neptune two more times as well. Further information will be presented at my next lecture on December 6, 2015!

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