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Dissolving the Veil of Time

The famous mesas of Monument Valley, Utah.
What is Time?

My time, your time, your friends time, your work’s time, family’s time. All could have a different view of time. And then there is Earth time, as witnessed by these magnificent rock sculptures which have withstood the lessons of time, the forces of nature, to display true beauty and wisdom. In fact, they have moved beyond time into timelessness. This is our journey also. If anything, this grandeur of nature shows us that it is resilient, yielding, strong, confident, courageous, and yet deeply intricate and beautiful. In nature the rocks and trees that are most flexible yet strong, continue to grow and blossom. It is because they have adapted to time as their friend. In the planetary cycle whenever we are confronted with strong earth influences from Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus, we are faced with adding to or re-building the important structures in our lives starting with our physical and financial realms.

From mid-December 2015 going into February, mid-April through beg. June, August through beg. October, and end of Nov 2016 into January 2017, all the Mercury retrograde cycles are through these three earth signs. Then we have the influence of the Mars retrograde (April 17 – June 29, 2016), Jupiter in Virgo and Saturn in Sagittarius. This is about flexibility and resilience while keeping and further developing a strong inner center or core that does not allow itself to get too scattered, and when it does learns how to bring back balance. We have four Mercury retrogrades this year going into early January 2017, so be aware that timing issues will be at the forefront, and delays with some possible backtracking abound. I have often found Mercury retrograde cycles to be a period of learning and whatever patterns or habits we were falling into can get disrupted. If they were good patterns they will return, or maybe they just needed a little more fine-tuning. Relax into it, glide with it, work with it. There will be many opportunities out there, some will pass you by and some will stick. Pick the ones that show strong positive growth potential.

The Mercury cycles in their dance with the other planets, are deeply moving us through this year and teaching us how to be strong yet yielding, patient and optimistic, focused on the present while planning for the future. Earth energies take time to grow and develop. The months of Winter are when we go inward to visualize and realize what we want to grow and begin planting the seeds. Due diligence, patience and kindness with self and others, and growing your dreams step by step will keep you in the joy of the moment, which is where true change begins. Be task oriented and methodical, but don’t forget to relax and enjoy the simple things. And keep in mind its about the process not the outcome. Be fully present yet hold the reins of your life lightly so that you move more effortlessly with the winds of change that this year brings. Its your choice to make time your friend or your foe.

February is also augering in the Chinese New Year of the Fire Monkey on February 8, 2016 and the New Moon in Aquarius. Monkeys are by their very nature curious, community oriented, flexible, and yes sometimes overly energetic!! The element is fire, wanting to spread its focus into new ventures and possibilities. Always the optimist, but without proper pacing can burn itself out. Fire needs Earth to give it strength and stability; Wood to give it’s creative fire something to burn; Metal to give it ideas and discernment to handle the quick direction changes; and water to add compassion, fluidity, and a letting go when we hold on too tightly, or a retreating when we hit a wall. The wall is either there to tell us we can go no further here, or it is time to rest, reflect and go within, and then we find the wall shifts.

MERCURY will be one of our strongest Guides with MARS, JUPITER, and SATURN joining the party! Come to my Lectures in person or via Skype, get 30 min or hour readings during each of the mercury and mars cycles to guide you through. The signs directly effected will be Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn and those ruled by Mercury and Mars, which include Gemini, Scorpio, Aries, and Sagittarius as both Mars and Saturn are traveling there. Keep in mind these planetary energies are occurring somewhere in your chart and you will feel their influences strongly if you have your Moon or Ascendant there as well!

My next Astrological Lecture (which includes a meditation) will be on Sunday March 6, 2016! I will be offering mini-readings as well. The event is from 4-7 pm. Contact me directly for the location. The fee is $15 for lecture with meditation, $35 if you include a mini-reading.

Astrological Beginner’s classes available in group format at a location in San Diego and/or over skype. Fee $40 per class (to include all printouts).

There are two professionals I would like to deeply acknowledge. Terry Lamb is a  fabulous astrologer whose insights have great value.

The other is Souldancer, whom I have traveled many journeys with and he has been and still is my guru.

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