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April 2017 Update

My apologies for the audio quality in a few places. I was so excited to get it out, lol!

I will be going into much greater depth on the Astrology in my next Lecture/meditation on Sunday, April 23, 2017! Stay tuned!

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This will cover the second and third Mercury/Saturn trines(the first one occurred on March 29) and Mercury/Uranus conjunctions (the first was on March 26), as well as the New Moon in Taurus and the first Super full moon of the year, which will be in Scorpio on May 10, 2017! And last but not least, Venus completing her cycle through Aries.

For those TF out there, the video length was 34:04, an 11

To all of my friends: thank you so much for your love, support, and wisdom in my life! Deep blessings and gratitude,

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