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Intentions from the Inner Realms

We had the Full Moon this morning at 6:58 am PDT in Pisces opposite Sun in Virgo!  Yes, we can be overly sensitive during this cycle, taking everything personally. Choose to be ‘the Observer’ of your life through this weekend.  Notice what is unclear to you and know that this too shall pass!  When the emotional wound patterns come up, whether they are feelings of abandonment, low self-value & self-love, self-pity, or lack of healthy boundaries, addictions and so forth… acknowledge the pain/hurt, and send it love because that is what YOU ARE!  The choice before you is to dissolve the past ‘wound patterns’ or to continue to carry them with you.

This Full Moon energy and Mercury entering Virgo tonight at 7:32 pm PDT, offers us golden opportunities to focus our intentions of what we truly, deeply desire on a dream level within the Inner Realms (where all manifestation seeds itself).  Meditate, pray, journal, speak and walk your truth gently, spend time with the people and places that really do nurture you.  And recognize that our relationships (intimate, friendship, family, and business) are the ‘raw’ points right now.  You can consciously choose that ‘rawness’ to be a deepening of your Spirit, a self-forgiveness & forgiveness of others, a ‘Big Release’ wiping the slate clean. It is very important that we have clear awareness of the relationships in our life that are loving, respectful, supportive, and equitable.  These are the ones we should nurture and have infinite gratitude for!!

So set your intentions straight, man the control panels, and ‘steady as she goes’.  This is your ‘Spaceship’ leaving dock!!

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