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The Magical Kingdom

We are now deeply emmersed in the Mercury retrograde cycle through Pisces! With so many planets in Pisces: Neptune, Chiron, Mars, Sun, Venus and Mercury, in a dance with Pluto, Saturn, the Nodes of the Moon, AND Jupiter, we are feeling the guidance to release & surrender. The desire to literally ‘purge’ the old thought forms & emotional patterns that keep us ‘hostage’! Welcome the release, for within it lies the seed of your new birth. We may get a ‘vision’ of that new birth with the New Moon in Pisces and Mars’ entrance into Aries on March 11 & 12. It will however, take Mercury going direct on March 17 in its final dance through Pisces most active through April 7, and Sun/Venus entering Aries on March 20 & 21 to fully open the energy vortex to action and movement forward into this new birth. Remember, everything is a process, so be steady, loving, and most of all be gentle & compassionate with yourself and others. Pisces often connects us with our hurt and sensitivities, at the same time it offers us the ability to forgive and love unconditionally. Aries can be the anger over being hurt, and having our boundaries breached, yet gives us access to our inner courage and knowledge that we are strong enough to overcome anything, and we can indeed move forward in a most decisive and positive way.

We can liken these energies to the “Magical Kingdom” where we are in search of that happy ending! The Prince & the Princess are truly recognizing one another, and the deep bond of love & trust that they share. Alas, like all fairytales they must both venture out of their comfort zones and travel on a journey towards one another that involves quests and risks, yet is so very rewarding for their internal growth process and deepening the bond of love that they already have. The Magical Kingdom lies within each of us and it is our task to build that Kingdom!!

Go forth with Love, Temperance, Courage, and above all Faith!!!

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