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Gather the Knights of the Round Table!

NEW MOON in Aries & First Lunar Eclipse of 2013

When: Sunday, April 7, 2013
Time: 4pm
Where: San Diego, CA 92110
Fee: $33 for lecture/short med., and mini-reading
$15 for lecture & meditation only

The first topic will be the NM in Aries (actual date of the NM is April 10th at 2:35 am) which is part of a larger cycle involving Uranus, Sun, Venus, and Mars in Aries being joined by the Moon! It is the Time of the Hero. For some a giving birth to a newfound courage, and for others a further developing of the hero that alredy resides within. As we have just had a very powerful Full Moon in Libra (March 27, 2013) bringing balance to all of our relationships is key. It is time to gather our forces and discuss the issues ahead, albeit heated issues, yet to do so with the utmost diplomacy!
The second topic on the agenda is the first of this year’s eclipses, a Lunar Eclipse across Scorpio/Taurus!

Snacks very welcome, and if you have your own recording equipment (Iphone, Droid, Galaxy, Smartphone, etc) bring it so you can have the lecture & reading at your at your fingertips!

If you are new to this, please email me or text me your full name and birthdata (day/mo/yr, time and place of birth).

Please RSVP only if you absolutely plan on attending! Seating is limited! Thank you

For those who are not able to attend in person or prefer via conference call, please check in with me to let me know that you want to be on the conference call, so I can set it up ahead of time. Contact me or visit my website ( to obtain the conference call number & access code.

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