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From Darkness into Light

When: Sunday, June 2, 2013
Time: 4pm
Where: Lydia’s place
San Diego, CA
Fee: $33 for lecture/short med., and mini-reading
$15 for lecture & meditation only

I will be preparing you for the New Moon in Gemini (actual date of the NM is June 8 at 8:56 am). By the time of this new moon all the players will have been set in motion!

This began with Venus (Goddess of love, beauty, creativity, and money) entering Gemini on May 9, followed by Mercury (communication & transportation) on May 15. The Sun (one’s personal identification with the sign language, Gemini) will join in the fun on the afternoon of May 20. Jupiter’s energy which is in Gemini right now through the late afternoon of June 25, 2012 will become more easily accessible beginning the evening of May 20! Jupiter is about expansion on the personal, relationship, and global levels. There may at this time be more than one choice available to us, and with Gemini (the twins) do not limit yourself to just one unless you feel guided to do so:) Prior to this week beginning (which is right now!!!) we are still in the inner realms clearing the past wound patterns & emotional baggage that we have each been carrying around for probably lifetimes. Tiredness, lack of motivation (except when it comes to spiritual endeavors), and requiring more personal rest time have been effecting many of us this past week. Continue to process through the weekend and get deeply clear on your emotional health/well-being and personal dreams. Mars will be the last planet to enter Gemini on May 31, and even though we are getting the benefits of Jupiter’s blessings, it is still crucial to continue to remove (and with Mars that could entail physical removal) of any remaining blockages in one’s mental/emotional and physical bodies, and giving gratitude and practicing loving kindess every step of the way!!

We also have the third Eclipse of the year across the signs of Sagittarius/Gemini on Friday, May 24, 2012. It is a Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon, offering windows of opportunity that are especially powerful from the evening of May 20 – through the late afternoon of May 30 into the NM in Gemini on June 8. As we move into the Eclipse energies beginning this weekend of May 18/19, do your best to release as much as possible and set very clear intentions for personal & interpersonal growth, well-being, and happiness. This will take us into the powerhouse energies of June & July!!!

Lastly, Mercury is retrograde in the nurturing, caretaking sign of Cancer from June 26 – July 20, 2013!

Snacks very welcome, and if you have your own recording equipment (Iphone, Droid, Galaxy, Blackberry, etc) bring it so you can have it at your fingertips!

If you are new to this, please email me or text me your full name and birthdata (day/mo/yr, time and place of birth).

Please RSVP only if you absolutely plan on attending! Seating is limited! Thank you

For those who are not able to attend in person or prefer via conference call, please check in with me to let me know that you want to be on the conference call, so I can set it up ahead of time.

I suggest everyone visit my website a couple times a month to check out any new postings!
Through Darkness into Light, God/Goddess speed!

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