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The Princess Becomes the Queen


The next astrological event will be held at Lydia’s place in San Diego.  This will be the last event of the year 2013!  The next two New Moons are:  December 2, 2013 at 4:22 pm PST in the last of the fire signs:  Sagittarius.  It’s about thinking big and in expansive ways!  It will be followed by a Full Moon across the signs of Gemini/Sagittarius on December 17, 2013 at 1:28 am PST.  The planet Uranus comes out of its retrograde (which it has been in since July 17, 2013), and Venus goes retrograde in Capricorn on December 21, the Winter Solstice!  Put your money where your mouth is with this set of planetary events!  December is full of activities and does not go quietly into the New Year!  AND, we begin this New Year’s Day with the first New Moon of 2014 in the  ‘let’s get real and get down to business’ sign of Capricorn beginning at 3:14 am PST!!!

I will focus my lecture on the Sagittarius energy and what that does for us; Uranus out of retrograde; the upcoming Venus retrograde in Capricorn; and Mars’ entrance into Libra where it will retrograde in March 2014.  A vast and powerful play in the Cardinal signs of Aries, Libra, Capricorn, and Cancer is afoot, and it involves the planets Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter, Venus, Mars, Mercury, and the Sun, with some assistance from Saturn, Neptume,  and Chiron.  Let’s now look at the Play.  Chess anyone!!  

The planet Neptune is the first contact point:  the dream, the greater vision, it’s what unifies us.  It’s also our imagination and we want to give it flight!  Venus (Goddess of  love, beauty, creativity, money, and women) began her sojourn in the earth sign of Capricorn on November 5, 2013, where she will be until March 5, 2014!  Thus the realm of ‘our relationships’ (and that can be our relationship to money & power too!), our connectedness with other human beings  through the power of ‘love’ sets the stage here.  Venus opened up our dreams with her contact to Neptune on November 7, 2013 and the energy was with us through the 12th (ultimately though, since it started the journey, it will be with us the entire cycle).
A big awakening  is occurring here from November 13 through pretty much the end of November.  Realities could be shifted overnight, dreams lost, to be re-created anew here or somewhere else in another dimensional/spiritual reality.  Venus is losing her some of her innocence, yet gaining wisdom and discernment.  Realizing that sometimes one’s happiness requires hard decisions.
On this journey, Venus can be likened to a well known myth that is most well known in the Greco-Roman mythologies:  The abduction of Persephone by the Pluto.  Persephone lives with her mother Demeter (Goddess of the Earth), whom she is quite attached to her and has a happy, serene, carefree life in the eternal summertime of Earth. Until one day as she is picking flowers not aware of any danger, she is kidnapped by Pluto, who instantly fell in love with her when he caught a glimpse of her in the fields of flowers.  Pluto is God of the Underworld and that is where he takes her and intends on keeping her there with him.  Depending on which culture tells the myth, Demeter spends months or years looking for Persephone in which time the crops begin to wither and there are few to no new births, as she gives very little attention to tending to the wellbeing of the Earth.
There is loss here and a ‘sudden’ big change of realities.  In the end though, with the involvement of the Zeus & Mercury (who rules communication & transportation), a pact is made where Persephone spends three months in the Underworld with Pluto and nine months above ground with Demeter.  Again, depending on which culture tells the myth, the number of months Persephone spends in Hades (the Underworld) varies from three to six.  This is one version of where we get our seasons mythology from, and the seasons each begin with Aries (Spring), Cancer (Summer), Libra (Fall), and Capricorn (Winter). This is a very short version of the story, yet it is about deep transformational growth, in our personal growth into wisdom and responsibility and how we grow through our relationships.  Balance being a key ingredient to our relationships!  Persephone felt torn between two worlds and she could not leave her mother nor Pluto, whom she felt compassion for and she grew to love.  In the time apart from her mother, Persephone grew into a full adult, and in doing so she chose to be Pluto’s Queen, and be a keeper of the secrets of the Underworld.  Thus the themes of balance, growth, knowledge, and responsibility are important on this journey, and making choices thoughtfully with everyone’s highest good involved including our own.  This is after all what the true giving & receiving of love is.  Persephone starts off as the Princess, and through her time in the Underworld with Pluto (God of death & rebirth), having to make the very important decision about her happiness and the happiness of those she loves, she becomes the Queen.
TO BE CONTINUED….. when Mars moves into Libra!

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