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2014: The Year of Magic & Wisdom


Welcome to the Chinese New Year of the Horse Elder, Wood. It is a year of power to be applied with wisdom, strength to be properly channeled, and leadership to be humble. We enter February with Venus (Goddess of love, beauty, finances, and creativity) moving slowly forward and gaining speed as February progresses.  What did the Goddess learn through her retrograde from Dec. 21, 2013 – Jan 31, 2014?  Hopefully, she learned what is real for her, where her love has endurance and strength. The relationships that help build her world and those that don’t support it. Many long term relationships came to a crashing hault before she entered the retrograde as often happens when relationships need an overhaul, and then others occurred during the retrograde. For some an ending, and for others a new growth pattern.

In the meantime, enter the planet Mercury, which can be very mercurial, and slippery when in water signs.  It just left Aquarius to move into Pisces where it will retrograde from the early degrees of Pisces through almost half of Aquarius (it begins February 6 and ends February 28, 2014).  It directly effects those born from February 6 through February 21/22.  So if you are having a birthday during these dates, then the energies of Mercury will more deeply touch & awaken you to a greater personal year of growth and change.

The planet Mercury in our Solar System has the tightest orbit to the Sun, and thus acts as its messenger bringing us information & learning. IT effects how we communicate at every single level, including and being driven by our thought patterns (you know that old adage “what you think, you create”).  When Mercury is in its retrograde cycle it spends more time in that sign, giving us time to digest and work with the messages its bringing in. The full story or message cannot be known until Mercury moves forward again and comes back to the place where it began its retrograde cycle, which is in early Pisces and takes us thru March 20. The energy of Pisces can be very intuitive and emotional, maybe we thought we intuitively knew the answer, and maybe we are right, but maybe not. Talking about it and listening to the other person’s/people’s point of view is important here, especially as Aquarius rules our ‘network of friends’.

Assuming our intuition is dead on is not a conclusion one should make at this time.  It is important to follow through on gathering the information and doing the ‘outer listening’ as well as doing the ‘internal listening’.  Therefore, logic & intuition both need to be applied.
Mercury retrogrades also serve to throw us off our routines, back-pedalling, redoing, repairing, etc, and fixing our communication tools and transportation vehicles take center stage.  Our modern World operates on communication and transportation. These are not things we should take for granted, but instead seek to improve, perfect, and expand upon.

While Mercury is in Pisces during this first part of the cycle (January 31 – through the early evening of February 12, 2014) one’s access and communication to the ‘other realms’ or realities, especially the higher dimensional ones is more accessible and fluid.  Set your intentions, talk about your dreas and have these conversations with ‘Spirit’.  On a personal level, I find that when Mercury is in both Aquarius and Pisces I have greater access to my dreamworld, and my sleeptime seems as active as my waking time!  Magic is afoot during this time, as it is in late October/November and again following the Summer Solstice. Enjoy the journey, but most of all apply what you are learning with love, wisdom, and compassion.

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