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Solar Eclipse in Taurus, April 28/29 2014

The Solar Eclipse, a more powerful New Moon, occurs on the night of Monday, April 28, 2014 at 11:14 pm PST. The Moon on its throne in the earth sign of Taurus joins the Sun in Taurus, its a marriage in the earthly realm that promotes prosperity on the physical, economic, and emotional levels.  Taurus is an enduring sign, can be obstinate & immovable, yet realistic and totally committed once it sees its pathway clearly. It is represented by the Bull, it has great strength and will steadfastly remove obtacles along the way.

These last couple years in particular, have taught us that change & growth is inevitable. Now we must decide where to apply our energies of strength and commitment. With the Moon in Taurus, our dreams can be actualized, yes work will be involved as it always is with earth signs. If we truly follow our hearts on this one, a harmonious and joy-filled manifestation appears attainable rather than justs another lesson (albeit a big one that can be very useful!). As the Cardinal energies have been teaching us, it requires that we completely release the past in order to assist the creation of a ‘new reality’.

Let go of the thought form that the past has to repeat itself, let yourself be someone different than you have been. And if the past does keep repeating itself, ask yourself what lesson have I not yet mastered. In a way, many of us have been experiencing ‘groundhog day’ because we really want to get it right this time! With this eclipse we have a lot of spiritual support, so call on your guides and angels, they await your call!

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