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A Time of Kings, August 2014


A time of Kings, with the largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter’s sojourn in the sign of the Lion (July 16, 2014 – August 11, 2015) making its prescence known with a great roar! Jupiter likes to do things in a big way, it can be an all or nothing approach, that is its double edged sword. Beware of the extremes and bring yourself back into balance! IT brings with it adventure, knowledge, experience, an expansion of or aggrandizement of belief systems.

Through its dance with Uranus (which is all about freedom and invention, thus rebellion and revolution on the human and scientific arenas) in Aries, skirmishes, wars, explosive behaviour, as well as great acts of courage and strategy can be seen. It offers us a chance for more unique perspectives of our Planet and our lives as new pathways are given birth. Fire can burn itself out though, so create with the goal of building something enduring and stable, and make sure it has an audience, as Leo likes to be on stage:)

Jupiter will leave its mark on us during this journey as it well should. It makes its pass through Leo approximately every twelve years and was last here August 1, 2002 – August 27, 2003, with different planetary influences involved, those of death and rebirth, confusion, dissolusionment, and a rebuilding of faith. Now its stage is to break through the old patterns into the new, not an easy task that, and unfortunately violence can be one of those tools, but so will diplomacy, and the courage for new leaders to speak up for peaceful resolutions and a better way of life. We are redefining realities on many fronts & discovering new ones too. Freedom as a choice for everyone, a removal of tyranny as a means to rule (at least as much as can be accomplished here), religions changing, borders being redrawn, a further expansion upon new frontiers in space and on Earth as well as within the technological age. And, the weather, could be hotter, dryer, more fires possible. That being said, there is also a water energy afoot with the planets, thus expect some hot spells and some rain too!

On a more enlightened level, each of us is being guided to either find, further expand upon, and/or finally wear our golden badge of  honor, generosity of spirit, and courage.  To carry with joy and self-respect the mantle of leadership that fits our soul’s individual purpose. With Leo energy it is time to own our truth and all the responsibility that goes with that, which includes taming our inner lion, so that we can lead from a place of truly knowing ourselves without arrogance of manner. It is indeed our time to shine our light brightly out in the World, wherever that light calls upon each of us to go!

With the Sun (our own identities and the identity of each nation) having joined Jupiter in Leo on July 24, 2014 and the New Moon (our emotional and inner realm is now involved) in Leo on July 26, 2014, we feel propelled into a new adventure. New Moons bring in new energies, that is why it is always a good time to start new projects just after a New Moon. Our minds (Mercury) are further expanding with new ideas after Mercury has joined Jupiter on August 2, 2014, and then conjoins the Sun on August 8, 2014. The play/adventure has been set in motion as our identities, emotions, and minds have melded with a higher purpose and/or belief (Jupiter). Venus (she who seeks beauty, love, peace, harmony, and prosperity) will be the last planet to meet up with Jupiter on August 17, 2014. Make no mistake, this is about freedom and equality and relationships on an even playing field. It is a journey through the  heart, for some the heart of darkness, where there will be both breakthroughs and  breakdowns. It is a voyage that takes courage and a willingness to grow. For me, whatever emotion/s I move through, I always end up with love. May your pathway be bright and full of many wonderous things!!

Blessings Always,


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