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Be The Bridge

A dock at sunset on White Sands Island in the Maldives.

We just had the New Moon in Virgo this morning, August 25, 2014 at 7:13 am PDT and 10:00 am EDT. This New Moon is a very powerful one as it continues to bring us through a process of learning that we started back in May when the Moon was in Gemini (where it did a portion of its retrograde through July 12). That was more about gathering information and dealing with possible health issues related to the nervous system coming to a head. We had two and a half months to listen to our bodies and minds, to sort through the fears and insecurities, and to further expand upon our knowledge base as it relates to our health and wellness of body, mind, and spirit. Mercury, the planet that brings us more learning & insight into all our forms of communication including our thought processes, as well as our vehicles of transportation, was ruling then and is now ruling again. We are ultimately our own vehicle of transportation, and it can be reflected in how we take care of our car/s, bicycles, etc. too. How much care and attention do with give the many ways we move through this World.

This New Moon is in the earth sign of Virgo, the planet Mercury rules both Gemini & Virgo. It asks us to take what we have learned over the last couple months and to further expand upon the learning (especially as of August 15 when Mercury entered Virgo) and work it in as a practical daily/weekly routine in our lives. Virgo is an earth energy, therefore we can’t just think about it and talk about it, we need to take the extra steps (even though some may be baby steps) to apply it in our work and home environments, our relationships with others and with ourselves. Virgo is all about being more efficient and organized with our time and energy. Its ultimae goal though is self-improvement and self-perfection. And as we are being reminded of here, this is a humbling, yet at the same time, a cleansing journey.

In the process, we are growing through the challenges being presented in some of our relationships. Beware of pride and/or holding grudges. Now that we have entered the New Moon energies, they will be building up to and beyond the Harvest Full Moon in Pisces/Virgo on September 8, 2014. Virgo/Pisces, what are we learning here? let go of the judgements, resentments, unforgiveness, and doubt. Build healthy boundaries instead, that include compassion and understanding of the other person’s point of view. Don’t allow their point of view to take prescedence either, work on negotiating a middle ground. If that’s not possible, part ways with a hand shake!

Communication and action are core issues right now, and deciding not to do anything is an action too! Pisces is activating the dreamer within, the creative energy, and our spiritual bodies. Divine guidance is all around us all the time, ask for it, talk to God, the Angels, your guides, Spirit, whatever name you call it. Ask for the wisdom, the healing, and the support, “As Above so below”. We can apply this in many ways, how we think becomes how we act. Our beliefs often become our reality or at least deeply effect it. If our bodies are breaking down or our relationships, or anything else for that matter, look at your thoughts and your beliefs. That’s where true change and growth begins. The planet Mercury effects the nervous system, our equilibrium, and the neuro brain pathways. Our bodies are part of our consciousness, they don’t want to hold on anymore to negative thought forms, habits, nutritional patterns, etc. that are harming us. We are seeking ‘Wholeness’ within and around us as well. That requires we move through a lot of release which can be emotionally and physically painful & toxic. All our ghosts are leaving! Thank them for being your teachers and find gratitude for everything in your life and your body that is working!

Pisces shows you the dream from within your heart and helps break your heart open to compassion, gratitude, and more love. It has one foot in Heaven and Virgo has one foot on Earth, prodding you to make the necessary changes toward your dream. Of course its going to take work, what did you think it was going to take? To create the painting you must buy the canvas, the paints and brushes, and begin painting. You are the bridge, an earthly and a spiritual being all wrapped up in one! It is up to you to ground the higher consciousness of your Soul here on Earth and all that you are learning, to find new ways to apply that learning and integrate it into your workplace, your relationships, your home, your total wellbeing, and your World!

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