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The Current Astrological Cycle


We have entered the depths of Scorpio with the Solar Eclipse on October 23 at 2:57 pm PDT. Eclipses are strongest in the first month, yet their energies build well beyond that, and with this Solar Eclipse setting our course with steadfastness, courage, and resolution is important. A time to forge stronger bonds within the current relationships that have been showing growth; to be reborn from the ashes of our past relationships that have fallen away to leave us transformed. A new beginning towards forming & furthering the bonds that touch us at our core. To more fully recognize those in our lives who stand in the fire with us and who will continue to do so. It may reflect a greater exploration into our sexual/sensual natures, and our level of intimacy and honesty with ourselves and others.

Scorpio energy can provide the fuel that drives our passions. It will require however an inner reckoning with who we really are, what motivates us, and what fuels that fire. Words of advice on this journey: do not take on what is not yours to do or fix, loosen your grip on the need to control your environment, and please let go of the past trespasses, anger, disappointments, etc. as they will create stops on this journey. In other words forgive, and let it go when you are ready. Some stops though are necessary, as a deeper clearing will be required. You may not be a Scorpio or have few or any planets in Scorpio, however I promise you, it is somewhere in your chart speaking to you right now:)

We are in the time of what I call ‘The Quickening’ and the Eclipses are just part of the pattern that is still unfolding over at least the next six months to a year. The pace around our transformation has picked up and the shedding of the ‘old skin’ is well underway. Hold onto nothing except that which truly matters, and let love & faith in a truly benevolent Universe be your guiding light through these deeply shifting times on Planet Earth.

We are in unchartered waters now. May your journey be a peaceful and amazing one!

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