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Full Moon in Scorpio

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We have an emotionally grounded and passionate Full Moon building to its apex on Sunday, May 3, 2015 at 8:42 pm PDT. The Moon will be in intense and passionate Scorpio opposite the Sun in enduring and realistic Taurus, both squaring Jupiter in Leo. Its a relationship of love based on real goals and emotional attachments working towards greater understanding and growth. Neptune, Uranus and Pluto are also involved, further awakening the dreamer within, fighting for our freedom, and being responsible for our transformation as individuals and as a society. My one little piece of advice here: please recognize the relationships that are not healthy. These are the ones that cause you more harm than joy and growth and keep both of you from spreading your wings and flying! The shift in our transformation requires either releasing or creating healthier boundaries within these relationships.

The last Full Moon was a total Lunar Eclipse on April 4, 2015 with the Moon in Libra and the Sun in Aries, driving us towards break throughs in all of our relationships, including our relationship with ourselves. Thus April and May are the launching pad months moving or pushing us forward into building relationships based on harmony, peaceful resolution, and passion while maintaining and furthering our individual pathways and freedoms. This applies also to our relationships within our communities and cities. The Summer and the Fall is the playground where this dance will further evolve and in some situations, explode like a star being born.

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