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A Worth Journey With Eve

 Ever wonder how we can navigate daily life with more ease even with the energies the stars have in store for us?

As you already know, helping you understand what’s coming our way – astrologically – is my life’s passion. I love helping you be more informed about what’s unfolding right before our eyes!

To support our personal, professional and spiritual growth, I offer at least two new posts – right here – on my site each month.  I post updates about the New Moons and the Full Moons flavored with astrological energies for each month!  If you’re not already on my mailing list, if you’d like a couple emails a month, please complete the registration form on the right-side of this page.  I’ll add you to my list.

Or – simply bookmark / favorite my site and return often to explore more.  For those who are (or become) members of this site, don’t forget to tap into my audio library filled with years of lectures and guided meditations.

worthIn addition to my regular site postings, I’m delighted to share with you information about a powerful journey we will take with my dear friend Soul Dancer.

SD (as I call him) has grown so much in the last decade. I am very excited to experience and see the spiritual guidance work that he does.  Together, we co-teach / facilitate a life-changing 12 month Worth Journey.  This journey offers unique steps to take to get to reawaken your sense of worth from multiple perspectives! I invite you to join us on this powerful adventure.  By taking this journey together, we’ll navigate daily life with more ease given the roller-coaster of energies the stars have in store for us.  Join us and fall in love with yourself all over again!

Click this link for more details.  Feel free to call Soul with questions.

May miracles be aplenty for all of us:))