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Your Vision will become clear . . .

“Your Vision will become clear only when you look into your Heart. Who looks outside dreams, who looks inside Awakens.”

Carl Jung


New Moon In Cancer & Summer 2013 Themes! Followed by July 4th Party at my Place!!

Where: My place in Crown Point
Date: Thursday, July 4,2013
Time: 2-5 pm, followed by Party
Fee: $33 for lecture, short meditation & 10 minute mini-reading
$15 for lecture & meditation

Summer is definately here and we entered it going straight into a Mercury retrograde in the watery, nurturing, caretaking sign of Cancer. Mercury went into its shadow around June 9  and is retrograde from June 26 through July 20, 2013! The New Moon itself begins on Monday, July 8 at 00:14 am. It is the first new moon since January 2013 where we are no longer embedded in the Saturn retrograde in Scorpio, as Saturn finally goes direct on July 7th!! Themes from back in January could therefore begin popping up three to four weeks prior to this new moon and continuing through the Mercury cycle which completes on August 3, 2013. Also, there is a lot of Cardinal energy (signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) building with the Full Moon on June 23 through mid-August. Action and decisiveness is part of this cycle as well as listening and holding an emotional space for yourself and others. While Mercury is in retrograde through July 20, we have time to pause, stop & reflect along the way, to reorganize, re-do, regenerate, and re-commit to that which matters most to us. In this case it will be whatever we consider our family for many that is our ‘Soul Family’ and our home (thinking of moving & setting plans in motion – don’t begin process though until July 9th. New connections can also be made at this time as we are now following Lunar Time and that comes only from the connections of the heart!

Please let me know if you are interested in joining me at my home for this event!

Bring something to share if you are staying for the party afterwards.

SUNDAY, JULY 7TH starting at 4pm!

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From Darkness into Light

When: Sunday, June 2, 2013
Time: 4pm
Where: Lydia’s place
San Diego, CA
Fee: $33 for lecture/short med., and mini-reading
$15 for lecture & meditation only

I will be preparing you for the New Moon in Gemini (actual date of the NM is June 8 at 8:56 am). By the time of this new moon all the players will have been set in motion!

This began with Venus (Goddess of love, beauty, creativity, and money) entering Gemini on May 9, followed by Mercury (communication & transportation) on May 15. The Sun (one’s personal identification with the sign language, Gemini) will join in the fun on the afternoon of May 20. Jupiter’s energy which is in Gemini right now through the late afternoon of June 25, 2012 will become more easily accessible beginning the evening of May 20! Jupiter is about expansion on the personal, relationship, and global levels. There may at this time be more than one choice available to us, and with Gemini (the twins) do not limit yourself to just one unless you feel guided to do so:) Prior to this week beginning (which is right now!!!) we are still in the inner realms clearing the past wound patterns & emotional baggage that we have each been carrying around for probably lifetimes. Tiredness, lack of motivation (except when it comes to spiritual endeavors), and requiring more personal rest time have been effecting many of us this past week. Continue to process through the weekend and get deeply clear on your emotional health/well-being and personal dreams. Mars will be the last planet to enter Gemini on May 31, and even though we are getting the benefits of Jupiter’s blessings, it is still crucial to continue to remove (and with Mars that could entail physical removal) of any remaining blockages in one’s mental/emotional and physical bodies, and giving gratitude and practicing loving kindess every step of the way!!

We also have the third Eclipse of the year across the signs of Sagittarius/Gemini on Friday, May 24, 2012. It is a Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon, offering windows of opportunity that are especially powerful from the evening of May 20 – through the late afternoon of May 30 into the NM in Gemini on June 8. As we move into the Eclipse energies beginning this weekend of May 18/19, do your best to release as much as possible and set very clear intentions for personal & interpersonal growth, well-being, and happiness. This will take us into the powerhouse energies of June & July!!!

Lastly, Mercury is retrograde in the nurturing, caretaking sign of Cancer from June 26 – July 20, 2013!

Snacks very welcome, and if you have your own recording equipment (Iphone, Droid, Galaxy, Blackberry, etc) bring it so you can have it at your fingertips!

If you are new to this, please email me or text me your full name and birthdata (day/mo/yr, time and place of birth).

Please RSVP only if you absolutely plan on attending! Seating is limited! Thank you

For those who are not able to attend in person or prefer via conference call, please check in with me to let me know that you want to be on the conference call, so I can set it up ahead of time.

I suggest everyone visit my website a couple times a month to check out any new postings!
Through Darkness into Light, God/Goddess speed!

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Build the New Foundations & The Light Will Grow and Deepen

As we move into the first Eclipses of 2013, these are the energies we have before us:
I feel like I am Chekov on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise saying “Steady as she goes Captain”!

We have our first hint of the Taurus strength & endurance with Venus entering the sign on April 15, to be followed by the Sun on the afternoon of April 19, and Mars on April 20. Yet the Aries energies are still very much at play though April 21, with Mercury having entered Aries the night of April 13 and the Sun/Mars conjunction which occurred on April 17 to be followed by Mercury/Uranus conjunction on April 20. The Aries transits have involved many planetary contacts since we first moved into Spring March 20/21 along with the New Moon in Aries on April 10. And they are all moving us towards the 3rd Uranus in Aries/Pluto in Capricorn square on May 20, 2013 (we had the first & second of these squares back in June and September 2012). We got to first experience the Capricornian influence of this equation in our lives starting back in November 17, 2012 through most of January 2013. Now with so many planets in Aries, we get to build upon the visions that were materializing in our lives during that time, in both literal & psychological forms, with courage and pioneering insight directed to the future, yet also grounded in the present moment. Aries can be high strung, unruly & unpredictable, triggering violence, accidents, fires, as well as unprecendented acts of courage, and single-minded focus. With Uranus directly involved the unpredictability increases. Along with it so do the opportunities for further awakening and development of the human potential for understanding, humanity, and greatness.

The movement into Taurus is further preparing the ground with the First Lunar Eclipse of 2013 with Sun in Taurus & Moon in Scorpio on April 25, to be followed two weeks later by the first Solar Eclipse in Taurus on May 9! All of this is thoroughly activating the great depths of Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn. There are many faces/sides to this Saturn, vengeance or rehabilitation, passion or addiction, death and rebirth, love or hate, with transformation being the only abiding destination. Alongside it Pluto’s energies reaches across generations & socio-economic lines to leave no stone left unturned! The darkest layers of society and indeed our very psyche are being unearthed to be dealt with, so that we can finally heal, and allow the lightness and the joy to shine! The only place we can start is with ourselves and our willingness to change and grow. And please remember: Darkness is simply an absence of ‘Light’, let’s choose to turn and keep the light switch on! I’m ready, are you:)
“Yes, steady as she goes Chekov”

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Gather the Knights of the Round Table!

NEW MOON in Aries & First Lunar Eclipse of 2013

When: Sunday, April 7, 2013
Time: 4pm
Where: San Diego, CA 92110
Fee: $33 for lecture/short med., and mini-reading
$15 for lecture & meditation only

The first topic will be the NM in Aries (actual date of the NM is April 10th at 2:35 am) which is part of a larger cycle involving Uranus, Sun, Venus, and Mars in Aries being joined by the Moon! It is the Time of the Hero. For some a giving birth to a newfound courage, and for others a further developing of the hero that alredy resides within. As we have just had a very powerful Full Moon in Libra (March 27, 2013) bringing balance to all of our relationships is key. It is time to gather our forces and discuss the issues ahead, albeit heated issues, yet to do so with the utmost diplomacy!
The second topic on the agenda is the first of this year’s eclipses, a Lunar Eclipse across Scorpio/Taurus!

Snacks very welcome, and if you have your own recording equipment (Iphone, Droid, Galaxy, Smartphone, etc) bring it so you can have the lecture & reading at your at your fingertips!

If you are new to this, please email me or text me your full name and birthdata (day/mo/yr, time and place of birth).

Please RSVP only if you absolutely plan on attending! Seating is limited! Thank you

For those who are not able to attend in person or prefer via conference call, please check in with me to let me know that you want to be on the conference call, so I can set it up ahead of time. Contact me or visit my website ( to obtain the conference call number & access code.

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The Magical Kingdom

We are now deeply emmersed in the Mercury retrograde cycle through Pisces! With so many planets in Pisces: Neptune, Chiron, Mars, Sun, Venus and Mercury, in a dance with Pluto, Saturn, the Nodes of the Moon, AND Jupiter, we are feeling the guidance to release & surrender. The desire to literally ‘purge’ the old thought forms & emotional patterns that keep us ‘hostage’! Welcome the release, for within it lies the seed of your new birth. We may get a ‘vision’ of that new birth with the New Moon in Pisces and Mars’ entrance into Aries on March 11 & 12. It will however, take Mercury going direct on March 17 in its final dance through Pisces most active through April 7, and Sun/Venus entering Aries on March 20 & 21 to fully open the energy vortex to action and movement forward into this new birth. Remember, everything is a process, so be steady, loving, and most of all be gentle & compassionate with yourself and others. Pisces often connects us with our hurt and sensitivities, at the same time it offers us the ability to forgive and love unconditionally. Aries can be the anger over being hurt, and having our boundaries breached, yet gives us access to our inner courage and knowledge that we are strong enough to overcome anything, and we can indeed move forward in a most decisive and positive way.

We can liken these energies to the “Magical Kingdom” where we are in search of that happy ending! The Prince & the Princess are truly recognizing one another, and the deep bond of love & trust that they share. Alas, like all fairytales they must both venture out of their comfort zones and travel on a journey towards one another that involves quests and risks, yet is so very rewarding for their internal growth process and deepening the bond of love that they already have. The Magical Kingdom lies within each of us and it is our task to build that Kingdom!!

Go forth with Love, Temperance, Courage, and above all Faith!!!