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Gather the Knights of the Round Table!

NEW MOON in Aries & First Lunar Eclipse of 2013

When: Sunday, April 7, 2013
Time: 4pm
Where: San Diego, CA 92110
Fee: $33 for lecture/short med., and mini-reading
$15 for lecture & meditation only

The first topic will be the NM in Aries (actual date of the NM is April 10th at 2:35 am) which is part of a larger cycle involving Uranus, Sun, Venus, and Mars in Aries being joined by the Moon! It is the Time of the Hero. For some a giving birth to a newfound courage, and for others a further developing of the hero that alredy resides within. As we have just had a very powerful Full Moon in Libra (March 27, 2013) bringing balance to all of our relationships is key. It is time to gather our forces and discuss the issues ahead, albeit heated issues, yet to do so with the utmost diplomacy!
The second topic on the agenda is the first of this year’s eclipses, a Lunar Eclipse across Scorpio/Taurus!

Snacks very welcome, and if you have your own recording equipment (Iphone, Droid, Galaxy, Smartphone, etc) bring it so you can have the lecture & reading at your at your fingertips!

If you are new to this, please email me or text me your full name and birthdata (day/mo/yr, time and place of birth).

Please RSVP only if you absolutely plan on attending! Seating is limited! Thank you

For those who are not able to attend in person or prefer via conference call, please check in with me to let me know that you want to be on the conference call, so I can set it up ahead of time. Contact me or visit my website ( to obtain the conference call number & access code.

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The Magical Kingdom

We are now deeply emmersed in the Mercury retrograde cycle through Pisces! With so many planets in Pisces: Neptune, Chiron, Mars, Sun, Venus and Mercury, in a dance with Pluto, Saturn, the Nodes of the Moon, AND Jupiter, we are feeling the guidance to release & surrender. The desire to literally ‘purge’ the old thought forms & emotional patterns that keep us ‘hostage’! Welcome the release, for within it lies the seed of your new birth. We may get a ‘vision’ of that new birth with the New Moon in Pisces and Mars’ entrance into Aries on March 11 & 12. It will however, take Mercury going direct on March 17 in its final dance through Pisces most active through April 7, and Sun/Venus entering Aries on March 20 & 21 to fully open the energy vortex to action and movement forward into this new birth. Remember, everything is a process, so be steady, loving, and most of all be gentle & compassionate with yourself and others. Pisces often connects us with our hurt and sensitivities, at the same time it offers us the ability to forgive and love unconditionally. Aries can be the anger over being hurt, and having our boundaries breached, yet gives us access to our inner courage and knowledge that we are strong enough to overcome anything, and we can indeed move forward in a most decisive and positive way.

We can liken these energies to the “Magical Kingdom” where we are in search of that happy ending! The Prince & the Princess are truly recognizing one another, and the deep bond of love & trust that they share. Alas, like all fairytales they must both venture out of their comfort zones and travel on a journey towards one another that involves quests and risks, yet is so very rewarding for their internal growth process and deepening the bond of love that they already have. The Magical Kingdom lies within each of us and it is our task to build that Kingdom!!

Go forth with Love, Temperance, Courage, and above all Faith!!!

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Upcoming astrological movements!

We have Jupiter in Gemini going direct on Wednesday, January 30, 2013, and Monday/Tuesday January 28 & 29 will lead us into the energetic movement. Pay close attention to things happening in your life at this time and how you are feeling! This will be followed closely by both Mars & Mercury entering the sign of Pisces february 1 and 5 leading up to a very powerful set of events through that entire week culminating February 8-11, 2013. Thus the stage for the next Mercury retrograde February 23 – March 17, 2013 is set. There is a story unfolding here in your lives, follow it through April 7, 2013.

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Intentions from the Inner Realms

We had the Full Moon this morning at 6:58 am PDT in Pisces opposite Sun in Virgo!  Yes, we can be overly sensitive during this cycle, taking everything personally. Choose to be ‘the Observer’ of your life through this weekend.  Notice what is unclear to you and know that this too shall pass!  When the emotional wound patterns come up, whether they are feelings of abandonment, low self-value & self-love, self-pity, or lack of healthy boundaries, addictions and so forth… acknowledge the pain/hurt, and send it love because that is what YOU ARE!  The choice before you is to dissolve the past ‘wound patterns’ or to continue to carry them with you.

This Full Moon energy and Mercury entering Virgo tonight at 7:32 pm PDT, offers us golden opportunities to focus our intentions of what we truly, deeply desire on a dream level within the Inner Realms (where all manifestation seeds itself).  Meditate, pray, journal, speak and walk your truth gently, spend time with the people and places that really do nurture you.  And recognize that our relationships (intimate, friendship, family, and business) are the ‘raw’ points right now.  You can consciously choose that ‘rawness’ to be a deepening of your Spirit, a self-forgiveness & forgiveness of others, a ‘Big Release’ wiping the slate clean. It is very important that we have clear awareness of the relationships in our life that are loving, respectful, supportive, and equitable.  These are the ones we should nurture and have infinite gratitude for!!

So set your intentions straight, man the control panels, and ‘steady as she goes’.  This is your ‘Spaceship’ leaving dock!!

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Who Is Eve Elly?


Eve is well-traveled, has lived and worked overseas in Geneva, Switzerland for many years, speaks three languages (English, Spanish, French), and has clients in several countries. She earned a BA degree from UCSD/Revelle College in Communications and Journalism, with a minor in Classical Studies, and has an advanced Astrology Certification from NCGR (National Council for Geocosmic Research).

Eve’s services are based on extensive training in astrology, numerology, Medicine  & Rune Cards, tarot, and many other forms of mysticism. Eve fine-tuned her talents by completing a three-year apprenticeship at Angel Haven learning the ways of the Melchizedek and the Magi .

Eve is honored to help you find your souls purpose here on earth. Let’s discover your:

  • Self work
  • Soul work
  • Relationship charts between two people
  • Event Dates, i.e. Marriage, Opening a Business
  • Path to Mastery

together in a time frame of your choice.

To schedule your appointment, call Eve (760-402-0194).  In your message, share the following:

  • Date/time (and timezone) you wish to schedule your session
  • your birth data (includes):
  • date of birth
  • exact time of birth (or as close as you can get)
  • place of birth (city and state)

Do you live in the San Diego, California USA area? If so, consider scheduling an in-person consultation.

Or, if you’re not in San Diego (or simply wish to avoid the hassles of driving) connecting with Eve is as simple as a phone call, Skype call, text message, or email.

No matter how you connect, Eve will create (and send you a link to) a recording of your meeting to help capture critical points. Your recording is part of your appointment cost.

To schedule an appointment, please call Eve (760-402-0194), and include a few dates and times that work for you.