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Full Moon in Scorpio

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We have an emotionally grounded and passionate Full Moon building to its apex on Sunday, May 3, 2015 at 8:42 pm PDT. The Moon will be in intense and passionate Scorpio opposite the Sun in enduring and realistic Taurus, both squaring Jupiter in Leo. Its a relationship of love based on real goals and emotional attachments working towards greater understanding and growth. Neptune, Uranus and Pluto are also involved, further awakening the dreamer within, fighting for our freedom, and being responsible for our transformation as individuals and as a society. My one little piece of advice here: please recognize the relationships that are not healthy. These are the ones that cause you more harm than joy and growth and keep both of you from spreading your wings and flying! The shift in our transformation requires either releasing or creating healthier boundaries within these relationships.

The last Full Moon was a total Lunar Eclipse on April 4, 2015 with the Moon in Libra and the Sun in Aries, driving us towards break throughs in all of our relationships, including our relationship with ourselves. Thus April and May are the launching pad months moving or pushing us forward into building relationships based on harmony, peaceful resolution, and passion while maintaining and furthering our individual pathways and freedoms. This applies also to our relationships within our communities and cities. The Summer and the Fall is the playground where this dance will further evolve and in some situations, explode like a star being born.

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New Moon in Aries

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

This embodies the Aries trail blazing energy, embracing the new with courage and confidence.

We have the New Moon in Aries (a New Moon is the exact moment when the Sun and the Moon appear to come together against the same backdrop of stars, in this case the twelve constellations), and on Saturday, April 18, 2015 this will occur at 11:57 am PDT, 3:57 pm EDT. The Vernal Equinox or the advent of Spring begins when the Sun enters Aries, which it did on March 20, 2015. When the Moon joins it there, greater focus and purpose can manifest. Aries is the first of the twelve constellations and invites us to create new pathways in our lives, to be spontaneous and step outside our comfort zones. You have all weekend to write your wish lists and remember, Aries is the first sign, so think deeply about what you truly want to manifest that is indeed new and will require courage, perhaps some risk-taking, and always a positive attitude!

For any further information on this New Moon and the upcoming astrological patterns, sign up for my New Moon lecture and Meditation on this coming Sunday, April 19, 2015 beginning at 4pm PDT. You may also order the link to be emailed to you, and mini-readings are also available in person or over the phone!

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Solar Eclipse in Taurus, April 28/29 2014

The Solar Eclipse, a more powerful New Moon, occurs on the night of Monday, April 28, 2014 at 11:14 pm PST. The Moon on its throne in the earth sign of Taurus joins the Sun in Taurus, its a marriage in the earthly realm that promotes prosperity on the physical, economic, and emotional levels.  Taurus is an enduring sign, can be obstinate & immovable, yet realistic and totally committed once it sees its pathway clearly. It is represented by the Bull, it has great strength and will steadfastly remove obtacles along the way.

These last couple years in particular, have taught us that change & growth is inevitable. Now we must decide where to apply our energies of strength and commitment. With the Moon in Taurus, our dreams can be actualized, yes work will be involved as it always is with earth signs. If we truly follow our hearts on this one, a harmonious and joy-filled manifestation appears attainable rather than justs another lesson (albeit a big one that can be very useful!). As the Cardinal energies have been teaching us, it requires that we completely release the past in order to assist the creation of a ‘new reality’.

Let go of the thought form that the past has to repeat itself, let yourself be someone different than you have been. And if the past does keep repeating itself, ask yourself what lesson have I not yet mastered. In a way, many of us have been experiencing ‘groundhog day’ because we really want to get it right this time! With this eclipse we have a lot of spiritual support, so call on your guides and angels, they await your call!

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Evolving Realities

It occurs in the penetrating, transformative sign of Scorpio.  It is one of the three water signs (Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio), though its motivations and emotions can at times be hidden.  There is very strong self-protection here, but if the trust is earned, the loyalty will always be there.  I often think of the Scorpio energy as the deep rivers/streams that run beneath the earth’s surface, and thus it is that journey to the ‘Center of the Earth’ or to the center of one’s ‘Being’.  There can be very dark places here that one needs to transform, bringing darkness into light or the unknown or unresolved into meaning and understanding.  Is it the hero’s journey or the fool’s?  Both signs of Aries and Scorpio are ruled by the planet Mars and thus require decisive action and personal integration.  Aries can be more impulsive but also pure in its motives in being the hero, whereas Scorpio can have a hidden agenda or a well thought through pathway in taking on the ‘hero’s role’, and oftentimes it is a search for redemption.  That idea that every ‘soul’ on Earth has some measure of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome) and is here on the planet to essentially heal and thus become more physically and spiritually free and lighter!


This is an amazing Eclipse as it hits the points of the Star of David (referred to as a Grand Sextile in the astrology world) which reached fullness back in July 2013!  This six pointed star of energy opened up a portal, a shifting of realities from an old framework into a new one, where we find ourselves simultaneously living the old life, experiencing the old emotional patterns, while at the same time the new us with our new realities is being born.  That is why we have moments of exhilaration and moments of sadness.  The key here is to not supress anything, instead to welcome the emotions, knowing that as they come up and you face them, that is when the clearing begins to occur.


As Rumi so aptly puts it: “The wound is where the light enters you.”


We are all in this transformative process right now and the energies around us took a deeper dive into this death & rebirth at the end of September when Mercury entered the sign of Scorpio (where it will retrograde).  This energy wave is building into the Lunar Eclipse across the signs of Libra/Aries all day Friday, October 18, 2013 holding an incredible vortex of energy open between the Lunar Eclipse and the Solar Eclipse on November 3, 2013.  Then add to the mix Mercury now in the shadow of its upcoming retrograde which begins on Monday, October 21, 2013 through November 10, 2013.


Mercury is all about our communication habits, and in Scorpio it asks us to take the time to think clearly through things until we get to the right answer for us. That means we may not be able to respond right away, and that is okay, for deep thinking and processing is what is required now.  A planet appearing from the Earth vantage point to be going retrograde or backwards in the heavens gives us an inward glance and in this case, into our world of thought (ruled by Mercury), there is an internalization of communication that occurs.  It is good to apply re before our words, i.e. reapply, restore, repair, reanalyze, reintroduce, rewrite, etc.


We are swimming in very deep waters now, where the unconscious easily merges with the conscious.  Where deeper truths can emerge, and hopefully when Mercury goes direct on November 10, we can begin to integrate these deeper truths into the ‘new reality’ that is emerging, one step at a time!! We will be aided and challenged here by the Uranus/Pluto square occurring on November 1,2013.  Very powerful, soul level realities and relationships are revealing themselves in October & November, and you will have time to pause, reconsider, and further acknowledge and integrate them into your ‘new realities’ through the many retrogrades occurring between now and July 2014.

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The Horn of Plenty

Well , we are right around the corner from September which in astrology is often considered the month of harvest.  Often displayed as a healthy young virgin with a shaft of wheat representing the earthy yet discerning and analytical sign of Virgo!

The actual day of the New Moon in Virgo will be on September 5, 2013 at 4:36 am PST.  This is a fabulous new moon activating the Grand Sextile pattern (Star of David – six pointed star in water & earth signs) which we have in full swing as of  July 22, 2013.  Set your intentions in concise and detailed languaging as the avenues for clear, practical, and thoughtful communication is now available!  It will be followed two weeks later by the Harvest Full Moon across the signs of Pisces/Virgo on September 19, 2013 at 4:13 am PST.  The Harvest Moon offers us well-earned rewards for work that is diligently done and in service to others.  It is a time to be festive and enjoy the harvest with our community!

One of the many virtues of Virgo is to give gratitude for all that one already has materially, in community with others and in spirit, and to further the gratitude for that which one has not yet received.  The Pisces component adds forgiveness (for self and others) & surrender to the process!  Now indeed the Horn of Plenty is full, for from gratitude, forgiveness, and knowing when to surrender, a beautiful and colorful garden can truly grow & blossom.

The next Astrological Event will be at my place in Pacific Beach on Sunday, September 1, 2013 beginning at 4pm PST.

Fee:  $33 for Lecture/Med and a 10 min. mini-reading; $15 for lecture/Med only

Please contact me if you wish to attend, call into the conference call # or cannot attend at all but wish to pay ahead and receive all of the recordings via email.   If this is your first time attending, please email me or text me your astrological information (day/mo/yr, place and time of birth if you have it!)

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