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New Moon in Aries

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

This embodies the Aries trail blazing energy, embracing the new with courage and confidence.

We have the New Moon in Aries (a New Moon is the exact moment when the Sun and the Moon appear to come together against the same backdrop of stars, in this case the twelve constellations), and on Saturday, April 18, 2015 this will occur at 11:57 am PDT, 3:57 pm EDT. The Vernal Equinox or the advent of Spring begins when the Sun enters Aries, which it did on March 20, 2015. When the Moon joins it there, greater focus and purpose can manifest. Aries is the first of the twelve constellations and invites us to create new pathways in our lives, to be spontaneous and step outside our comfort zones. You have all weekend to write your wish lists and remember, Aries is the first sign, so think deeply about what you truly want to manifest that is indeed new and will require courage, perhaps some risk-taking, and always a positive attitude!

For any further information on this New Moon and the upcoming astrological patterns, sign up for my New Moon lecture and Meditation on this coming Sunday, April 19, 2015 beginning at 4pm PDT. You may also order the link to be emailed to you, and mini-readings are also available in person or over the phone!

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The Current Astrological Cycle


We have entered the depths of Scorpio with the Solar Eclipse on October 23 at 2:57 pm PDT. Eclipses are strongest in the first month, yet their energies build well beyond that, and with this Solar Eclipse setting our course with steadfastness, courage, and resolution is important. A time to forge stronger bonds within the current relationships that have been showing growth; to be reborn from the ashes of our past relationships that have fallen away to leave us transformed. A new beginning towards forming & furthering the bonds that touch us at our core. To more fully recognize those in our lives who stand in the fire with us and who will continue to do so. It may reflect a greater exploration into our sexual/sensual natures, and our level of intimacy and honesty with ourselves and others.

Scorpio energy can provide the fuel that drives our passions. It will require however an inner reckoning with who we really are, what motivates us, and what fuels that fire. Words of advice on this journey: do not take on what is not yours to do or fix, loosen your grip on the need to control your environment, and please let go of the past trespasses, anger, disappointments, etc. as they will create stops on this journey. In other words forgive, and let it go when you are ready. Some stops though are necessary, as a deeper clearing will be required. You may not be a Scorpio or have few or any planets in Scorpio, however I promise you, it is somewhere in your chart speaking to you right now:)

We are in the time of what I call ‘The Quickening’ and the Eclipses are just part of the pattern that is still unfolding over at least the next six months to a year. The pace around our transformation has picked up and the shedding of the ‘old skin’ is well underway. Hold onto nothing except that which truly matters, and let love & faith in a truly benevolent Universe be your guiding light through these deeply shifting times on Planet Earth.

We are in unchartered waters now. May your journey be a peaceful and amazing one!

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Be The Bridge

A dock at sunset on White Sands Island in the Maldives.

We just had the New Moon in Virgo this morning, August 25, 2014 at 7:13 am PDT and 10:00 am EDT. This New Moon is a very powerful one as it continues to bring us through a process of learning that we started back in May when the Moon was in Gemini (where it did a portion of its retrograde through July 12). That was more about gathering information and dealing with possible health issues related to the nervous system coming to a head. We had two and a half months to listen to our bodies and minds, to sort through the fears and insecurities, and to further expand upon our knowledge base as it relates to our health and wellness of body, mind, and spirit. Mercury, the planet that brings us more learning & insight into all our forms of communication including our thought processes, as well as our vehicles of transportation, was ruling then and is now ruling again. We are ultimately our own vehicle of transportation, and it can be reflected in how we take care of our car/s, bicycles, etc. too. How much care and attention do with give the many ways we move through this World.

This New Moon is in the earth sign of Virgo, the planet Mercury rules both Gemini & Virgo. It asks us to take what we have learned over the last couple months and to further expand upon the learning (especially as of August 15 when Mercury entered Virgo) and work it in as a practical daily/weekly routine in our lives. Virgo is an earth energy, therefore we can’t just think about it and talk about it, we need to take the extra steps (even though some may be baby steps) to apply it in our work and home environments, our relationships with others and with ourselves. Virgo is all about being more efficient and organized with our time and energy. Its ultimae goal though is self-improvement and self-perfection. And as we are being reminded of here, this is a humbling, yet at the same time, a cleansing journey.

In the process, we are growing through the challenges being presented in some of our relationships. Beware of pride and/or holding grudges. Now that we have entered the New Moon energies, they will be building up to and beyond the Harvest Full Moon in Pisces/Virgo on September 8, 2014. Virgo/Pisces, what are we learning here? let go of the judgements, resentments, unforgiveness, and doubt. Build healthy boundaries instead, that include compassion and understanding of the other person’s point of view. Don’t allow their point of view to take prescedence either, work on negotiating a middle ground. If that’s not possible, part ways with a hand shake!

Communication and action are core issues right now, and deciding not to do anything is an action too! Pisces is activating the dreamer within, the creative energy, and our spiritual bodies. Divine guidance is all around us all the time, ask for it, talk to God, the Angels, your guides, Spirit, whatever name you call it. Ask for the wisdom, the healing, and the support, “As Above so below”. We can apply this in many ways, how we think becomes how we act. Our beliefs often become our reality or at least deeply effect it. If our bodies are breaking down or our relationships, or anything else for that matter, look at your thoughts and your beliefs. That’s where true change and growth begins. The planet Mercury effects the nervous system, our equilibrium, and the neuro brain pathways. Our bodies are part of our consciousness, they don’t want to hold on anymore to negative thought forms, habits, nutritional patterns, etc. that are harming us. We are seeking ‘Wholeness’ within and around us as well. That requires we move through a lot of release which can be emotionally and physically painful & toxic. All our ghosts are leaving! Thank them for being your teachers and find gratitude for everything in your life and your body that is working!

Pisces shows you the dream from within your heart and helps break your heart open to compassion, gratitude, and more love. It has one foot in Heaven and Virgo has one foot on Earth, prodding you to make the necessary changes toward your dream. Of course its going to take work, what did you think it was going to take? To create the painting you must buy the canvas, the paints and brushes, and begin painting. You are the bridge, an earthly and a spiritual being all wrapped up in one! It is up to you to ground the higher consciousness of your Soul here on Earth and all that you are learning, to find new ways to apply that learning and integrate it into your workplace, your relationships, your home, your total wellbeing, and your World!

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A Time of Kings, August 2014


A time of Kings, with the largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter’s sojourn in the sign of the Lion (July 16, 2014 – August 11, 2015) making its prescence known with a great roar! Jupiter likes to do things in a big way, it can be an all or nothing approach, that is its double edged sword. Beware of the extremes and bring yourself back into balance! IT brings with it adventure, knowledge, experience, an expansion of or aggrandizement of belief systems.

Through its dance with Uranus (which is all about freedom and invention, thus rebellion and revolution on the human and scientific arenas) in Aries, skirmishes, wars, explosive behaviour, as well as great acts of courage and strategy can be seen. It offers us a chance for more unique perspectives of our Planet and our lives as new pathways are given birth. Fire can burn itself out though, so create with the goal of building something enduring and stable, and make sure it has an audience, as Leo likes to be on stage:)

Jupiter will leave its mark on us during this journey as it well should. It makes its pass through Leo approximately every twelve years and was last here August 1, 2002 – August 27, 2003, with different planetary influences involved, those of death and rebirth, confusion, dissolusionment, and a rebuilding of faith. Now its stage is to break through the old patterns into the new, not an easy task that, and unfortunately violence can be one of those tools, but so will diplomacy, and the courage for new leaders to speak up for peaceful resolutions and a better way of life. We are redefining realities on many fronts & discovering new ones too. Freedom as a choice for everyone, a removal of tyranny as a means to rule (at least as much as can be accomplished here), religions changing, borders being redrawn, a further expansion upon new frontiers in space and on Earth as well as within the technological age. And, the weather, could be hotter, dryer, more fires possible. That being said, there is also a water energy afoot with the planets, thus expect some hot spells and some rain too!

On a more enlightened level, each of us is being guided to either find, further expand upon, and/or finally wear our golden badge of  honor, generosity of spirit, and courage.  To carry with joy and self-respect the mantle of leadership that fits our soul’s individual purpose. With Leo energy it is time to own our truth and all the responsibility that goes with that, which includes taming our inner lion, so that we can lead from a place of truly knowing ourselves without arrogance of manner. It is indeed our time to shine our light brightly out in the World, wherever that light calls upon each of us to go!

With the Sun (our own identities and the identity of each nation) having joined Jupiter in Leo on July 24, 2014 and the New Moon (our emotional and inner realm is now involved) in Leo on July 26, 2014, we feel propelled into a new adventure. New Moons bring in new energies, that is why it is always a good time to start new projects just after a New Moon. Our minds (Mercury) are further expanding with new ideas after Mercury has joined Jupiter on August 2, 2014, and then conjoins the Sun on August 8, 2014. The play/adventure has been set in motion as our identities, emotions, and minds have melded with a higher purpose and/or belief (Jupiter). Venus (she who seeks beauty, love, peace, harmony, and prosperity) will be the last planet to meet up with Jupiter on August 17, 2014. Make no mistake, this is about freedom and equality and relationships on an even playing field. It is a journey through the  heart, for some the heart of darkness, where there will be both breakthroughs and  breakdowns. It is a voyage that takes courage and a willingness to grow. For me, whatever emotion/s I move through, I always end up with love. May your pathway be bright and full of many wonderous things!!

Blessings Always,


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Solar Eclipse in Taurus, April 28/29 2014

The Solar Eclipse, a more powerful New Moon, occurs on the night of Monday, April 28, 2014 at 11:14 pm PST. The Moon on its throne in the earth sign of Taurus joins the Sun in Taurus, its a marriage in the earthly realm that promotes prosperity on the physical, economic, and emotional levels.  Taurus is an enduring sign, can be obstinate & immovable, yet realistic and totally committed once it sees its pathway clearly. It is represented by the Bull, it has great strength and will steadfastly remove obtacles along the way.

These last couple years in particular, have taught us that change & growth is inevitable. Now we must decide where to apply our energies of strength and commitment. With the Moon in Taurus, our dreams can be actualized, yes work will be involved as it always is with earth signs. If we truly follow our hearts on this one, a harmonious and joy-filled manifestation appears attainable rather than justs another lesson (albeit a big one that can be very useful!). As the Cardinal energies have been teaching us, it requires that we completely release the past in order to assist the creation of a ‘new reality’.

Let go of the thought form that the past has to repeat itself, let yourself be someone different than you have been. And if the past does keep repeating itself, ask yourself what lesson have I not yet mastered. In a way, many of us have been experiencing ‘groundhog day’ because we really want to get it right this time! With this eclipse we have a lot of spiritual support, so call on your guides and angels, they await your call!