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Mercury takes the lead in the Planetary dance!

Mercury takes the lead in the Planetary dance as we end 2015 and enter 2016!
Yes, Mercury is our guide through the next two months in the earthy sign of Capricorn. It will retrograde here most of January 2016. On its journey it will meet up with Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter, and Chiron three times, and conjoin the Sun. Mars will do its fair share of kicking up energy as well!!

Watch the video below for some messages from the Archangels to help guide you through this passage.
Blessings to All

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TWO POWERFUL EVENTS on two different days!!
Come further awaken your life’s journey

Join Eve for a magical afternoon as she explores with you the Astrological dance of the end of Summer & early Fall.
Be there to open up to the energies of the Solar and Lunar Eclipses occuring on September 12 & 27 and the upcoming Mercury retrograde in Libra (retrograde period from Septmber 17 – October 9, 2015)! Mercury is already in the shadow of the retrograde

When: Saturday, September 12, 2015 from 3-6 pm 
Fee: $35 (paid in advance)
This gets you a copy of your Natal Astrological Chart and a recording of the program (Lecture) and also includes
your own personal mini-reading with Eve…
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Find out what lies in store for you through Astrological Readings and Spirit Messages…

WHEN:  Sunday, September 13th from 3-5 pm   

FEE: $50 (in advance) for BOTH readings, as well as a special copy of your Natal Astrological Chart and a recording of the program featuring your own personal messages…
You are welcome to bring one or two FIRST-TIME
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EVE ELLY, Astrological Guide

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Mercury Retrograde, November 6-26, 2012

We entered the shadow of the Mercury retrograde on October 18 in the water sign of Scorpio. The themes we are to work with will show up here. The retrograde period itself is from November 6-26, 2012. At almost midnight November 13, 2012 Mercury while in retrograde goes back into Scorpio, going direct there on November 26, 2012 and wraps up its time in Scorpio on December 10, 2012. Then moving into Sagittarius for the second time. The wholeness of the cycle will last through December 13 (the point at which Mercury retrograded at) and culminate on December 17 with the Mercury opposition to Jupiter!

Please take note of the cycles pre-retrograde, during and after, and you may also notice differences between Mercury being in Scorpio as opposed to Sagittarius. The Scorpio energy offers us a deepening and further focus with our communication techniques. Directness, intensity, clarity and passion with emotional overtones are par for the course. Forgiveness, acceptance, and emotional transformation also being necessary directives with this Mercury cycle. Allow the fire of Mercury in Sagittarius to burn you through to ‘your truth’, and the ‘arrow’ of healing to cut through the ‘old’ & illuminate the ‘new’!