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Welcome to our meditation and attunement library.


Tip:  Right-click on links to download that audio file.

  • After right-clicking on the link, select the ‘download link’ option.
  • Save your audio file to a folder.
  • Listen to this file – any time.  (Upload it to your .mp3 player and listen anywhere, any time!)







All downloads are yours to use, any time.

  • Downloaded files are for your personal use only. You’re welcome to play them for others to listen in.
  • When non-members want a copy of any file, kindly invite them to become a member by pointing them to our Registration page.

Before you listen to a recording, kindly consider:

  • turning OFF all devices that may interrupt you.  (ALL phones, pages, TV’s, stereo, etc.)
  • lighting and air quality.  (Too bright or dark?  To stuffy, warm or cool?)
  • taking care of your comfort.  (Bathroom stop? Fan?  Blankets?  Water?)
  • a pad and pen.  (Post-meditation tools to capture thoughts, ah’ha’s!  and questions.)
  • allowing enough time post-meditation to relax, possibly even nap.

Post meditation, what thoughts or questions come up for you?  To share your thoughts:

  • Click the [Comments] link (next to the download link) for the audio file you wish to share your thoughts.
  • Share your thoughts  by clicking into the “Add A Reply” box.
  • Feel free to share your thoughts on other comments as well.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom. I look forward to learning how you’re doing.

Please keep in touch! Post a comment in the Comments box below.

In Divine Light . . .

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