Sunday, August 5 2018 Lecture


You are facing the Heart of the Lion here, and that Lion is YOU. Delve deep, find your inner truth, voice, and action. Live it now!! The past is gone, do not mourn it. Bless it and sent it adrift with love on the ocean waves, let the rays of the Sunset wash it clean. Face your future now, for it awaits YOU.

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The astrology & numerology around this year’s (August 8 2018) Lion’s Gate and third of 3 Super New Moons/Last of the Leo Solar Eclipses until August 2026, is profound. Along with the intense inner workings of 7 planets retrograde (this includes Chiron), we are meant to come out “shifted” and new on the other side. The completion of this newness can take anywhere from 3/4 months to two years or more.


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