2018 Summer Solstice: A Re-Birthing Beginning with the Root Chakra


Highly recommended for those wishing a stronger connection with their root chakra (the first chakra located at the base of the spine). Our root chakra balances our hips, gives us strength and courage, ignites our inner passions and promotes the energy of abundance. It’s important to clear and strengthen this chakra, as it connects us to the Earth and sends our energy up through the higher chakras in our body. Good for those that want to clear some of the ‘lack’ consciousness, childhood-adulthood traumas (including traumas from past lives that you are ready to clear), and reconnect with your inner desire for greater romance!

This is an advanced attunement, so be sure to come out of it slowly, hydrate, and connect with nature/physical exercise to assist in the integration.

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Traveling through our root chakra and connecting in deeper with it. Healing and playing with the inner child. Accessing our relationship template, balancing it for further integration into our mutli-dimensional bodies (which comprise our “Being’). Archangel Zaphkiel (the Sacred Lover), the Romance Angels and Divine Goddess Athena (Goddess of wisdom & intuitive knowing) assist the process.


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