Sunday, August 5 2018 Lecture & Attunement Package


This is the third of four lectures centering around the Summer energies and cycles that impact all of us. And yes, there will be a particular emphasis on those that have a lot of fire and/or air energies. However, it highlights certain areas or factors in all of our lives, and it brings with it great change for those who are ready! This Meditation / Attunement will focus upon the Divine Masculine aspect of Creation that beats within!

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August 2018 is a force field of very powerful energies that are life transforming and affirming! Filled with insightful creativity, profound acts of kindness and compassion, prosperity as a way of living from the Heart, and the courage & strength that comes with it.

There are a multitude of astrological events occurring within days of each other throughout the month of August, opening up an amazing gateway of manifestation in all areas of life. Primarily all things creative, children, romance, play, and leadership!


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