Sunday, September 9 2018 Lecture


September 2018 is a powerful month as the energies initiated with the Summer Solstice and Summer Eclipses reach the next level of clearing, resolution, & awakening.

We have the lovely New Moon in Virgo. It’s a Moon of purity & self-actualization. It sets the stage for clarity of communication, action, and intention as we move forward into the Fall Equinox and beyond. The Venus/Mars activations of Uranus and the Moon’s Nodes has and is continuing to open up multiple gateways of higher dimensional Light Waves flooding the Earth, thus grounding in new harmonics of love & peace. The earth energies of Virgo, Capricorn, and Taurus are the grounding forces for these new realities!

With Venus in the dance, moving back and forth from Libra to Scorpio while aspecting the other planets, in particular Uranus, she plunges us deeper into our relationship realm, and asks the questions:

How strong is your self-love and how unconditional is it? Are you willing to stand in the power of that love? Do your relationships mirror the foundation of love, harmony, mutual respect, honesty & support? Or is there co-dependency and conditions?

More details below.


September, October, and November lectures encompass the Fall clearing, activations, and coming changes. The Mars, Venus, Mercury, Sun, Uranus, Pluto, and nodal axis connections will be setting the stage for years to come!

I will follow the lecture with a very powerful Meditation / Attunement on the Sacred Union of the Masculine & Feminine energies.




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