Sunday, February 10, 2019 Lecture


This Lecture highlights the qualities of the new 7 year cycle of Chiron entering Aries. A fiery, inspiring and driven energy to bring about more positive healing! Uranus moving into its new 8 year cycle in earthy, sensible, sensual Taurus bringing in creative, practical and Earth friendly solutions.

I also refer to the highly transformative energies of Pluto, Saturn, the South Node in Capricorn, North Node in Cancer and the Eclipse energies running in the background, yet impacting our lives at a very deep level.

More details below.


I review the strong active, energizing, and decisive energies of Capricorn & Aries. Which will directly effect Cancer, Libra, and all earth and fire signs as well. Adding to this Uranus going direct on January 6 to complete its 8 year journey through Aries!

I will include the signification of the numerology inherent in 2019 & their synchronicities with certain planetary energies.


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