Sunday, May 5, 2019 Lecture & Attunement


How we access the Uranian energy of change and newness through the sign of Taurus. The planet Uranus goes through some very big activations from April 22 through May 14, 2019 that truly begin its cycle through April 2026.It augurs in change at an economic, creative, esthetic, and foundational level.

More details below.


One guiding force is the Earth itself and the changes that it is going through as well as the new ways of working & living in harmony with it. The other force is the full awakening and embodiment of the Divine Feminine templates. Taurus is one of the two signs of balance (the other is Libra), and balance needs to be restored.

A powerful Attunement where we align with the highest frequencies of the Earth Mother and all she has to offer us on our journey here.


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