December 4th, 2021 New Moon Lecture


Review remaining Astrological energies of 2021 along with overall view from the lens of Western astrology, numerology and Chinese astrology of the year 2022. 

Includes: Audio file: one hour and 31 minutes and transcript file (20 pages).

More details below.



The most predominant focus for 2022 revolves around personal empowerment and achieving greater clarity and understanding through the tools of communication within our careers and our relationship realm (personal, business, and family).

This requires us to clear mental clutter and confusion, to seek to understand through a lens other than just our own, gather whatever information and knowledge we need, ask for help from others, and learn! 

There is a very strong emphasis on relationships, especially romantic ones and this is where the biggest learning curve of all  lies. For it will require us to not only become more adept at communication,but to also face any challenges in new ways and to greatly expand our emotional intelligence!


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