Aligning One’s Frequency with Abundance


Abundance is an energy, and when we align ourselves with it, our lives become more fluid, creative, and open to the unlimited possibilities that exist around us. Essentially, our perspective is expanded and we see with different eyes. We are able to recognize and easily tap into opportunities that we were not able to consciously recognize before, or those opportunities were not available to us until we raised our frequency!

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The frequency of abundance is an energy that we can do more than just tap into.

Clearing our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, chakras, and outer bodies of old programs and limiting energies is the first step toward merging more fully with the frequency of abundance. We clear as much as we are ready to clear on a conscious and unconscious level.

Then we invite the Divine energies in to assist us with aligning our bodies/essence with the frequency of abundance thus creating more opportunities for prosperity and well being in our lives.


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