Beautiful New Beginnings


Highly recommended for healing the past and breaking free of old paradigms, especially those that seem to keep us trapped in repeating the same cycle over and over again. Gain more personal freedom in your life and open yourself up to new pathways.


This is one of my most transformative attunements, allowing for a deep cleansing of the ‘past’ and an opening of our ‘inner beauty’ and ‘creative centers’. Archangel Jophiel (she rules over personal creativity and is also known as ‘the Holy Liberator’) calls us onto the pathway of personal freedom through the authentic expression of our Soul’s Light.

Working with the Goddess Kali to burn away the old contracts we have carried with us through multiple lifetimes, that no longer serve our highest good & well being. Forging beautiful new beginnings through the guidance of Goddesses Saraswati & Aphrodite and the lovely Archangel Jophiel.

Music: by Kevin MacLeod. Music licensed under CC: Attribution 3.0.
Images by Images licensed under Creative Commons CC0


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