December 1, 2019 Lecture


A completion of the learnings 2019 offerred us, and more than a sneak peak into 2020!

More details below…


As we enter the Solar Eclipse in Capricorn fully here on Christmas Day, I’m seeing a lot of movement and significant changes. For some these energies will occur rapidly and for others it is a slow yet deliberate alchemization of just the right elements and timing! The process is inward as much as it is outward, for you are an embodiment of both Heaven & Earth.

2020 is as much the Tarot card of Judgment (where we meet up with all that we have created and are yet to create), as it is the High Priestess. Following your deepest intuitions and inner guidance will be pivotal throughout the year, and further embodying your receptive Divine feminine nature is a key element on this journey!!


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