Resting in the Ocean of Mother Creator


This attunement will help you feel more balanced and connected with Divine Mother Creator’s energy. It works well in conjunction with the attunements: Becoming, Revelation, and Rose Ray.

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This is a good attunement for clearing heavy & toxic energies, bringing more peace and lightness into your physical body, mind, emotions, and environment.

Here we rest in the ocean and arms of Divine Mother Creator, accessing and incorporating her Light Rays of Transformation (the Purple/Violet rays), Unconditional Love (Emerald and Pink rays), and Purifying, Grounding and Protective rays (Amber & Golden).

You will feel uplifted, lighter, and have activated a deeper experience of inner peace. This is an attunement you can do often, especially when you feel overwhelmed, heaviness in and around you, and simply wanting to build upon your inner core of peace.


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