Why are you here? What is your Mission?

Accessing the oldest parts of your Soul’s journey through the Akashic records stored within the Earth and the Galactic Center. With the Ancient One’s guidance, which includes Mother Earth, your heart and being will be deeply synced with the Earth’s heartbeat, and this knowledge will be further imprinted onto your DNA.

This is a very powerful attunement, give yourself relaxation time after. I often recommend using crystals or sitting/laying down out in nature when you do it! You can also put it on right before going to sleep. Be aware there will be some deep cleansing of the first three chakras around your hips, abdomen up to your chest area. This could feel a little uncomfortable. However, you should feel lighter after.

It’s good to do these attunements more than once, as it helps imprint the energy at the deepest levels.  Best to give it at least one week or longer before doing it again.


This attunement is a great follow-up to the “Becoming” Attunement. We begin by calling in The Holy Spirit and the Goddess Kali to cleanse and purify you in The Holy Light. With Archangels Gabriel, Hope, Michael and Faith, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene assisting.


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