Rose Ray Attunement


Within this attunement, we work with the Rose Ray of the Divine, and seven Goddesses: Dana (Celtic), Bast (Egyptian), Sekmet (Egyptian), Pele (Hawaian), Kali (Hindu), Saraswati (Hindu), and Divine Mother Mary whom imprint your heart chakra space with their divine wisdom, love, strength, power, passion, creativity, and compassion.

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For those that seek deep relaxation, inner peace, a clearing of your heart chakra space, and a full merging of your physical heart with your Divine Crystalline heart. A greater sense of peace will be restored and interwoven around the front and back of your chest area.

Your whole body should feel lighter after this, especially your chest up through your head. I highly recommend this as the first attunement to work with clearing your heart space and connecting into the higher dimensional resonances of the Cosmic Ray of Love. It can be followed up with Love Codes Part One and Love Codes Activation & Alignment Part 2.

These attunements that specifically access and fine-tune the heart chakra energies are great for drawing to you and building upon more romance and love in your life.


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