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I wonder, how do you feel about your sense of worth today? Do you suffer from worth decay?  What is worth decay?  Listen to this short podcast (12 minutes) I did with Soul Dancer (a loved friend and teacher), I’ve known for over a decade.  Discover what we’re doing to end worth decay!  

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Well? How’s your sense of worth today? Join us in class. Strengthen your sense of worth on spiritual, emotional, social, physical and mental levels.

This program includes:

  • a University masters-level course co-taught by two seasoned, savvy professionals:
    • Soul Dancer, Masters in Social Work and Founder of Soul University.
    • Eve Elly, Certified Astrology from NCGR (National Council for Geocosmic Research).
  • one year of powerful team support and spiritual guidance to re-awaken your sense of worth on multiple levels
    • one-hour conference-call class a week (52 hours of live instruction)
    • one hour study group time to prepare for classes
    • one hour (minimum) online classroom time (based on your schedule).
  • exclusive, members-only, online classroom access to exercises to support your learning process 24x7x365
    • ongoing access to class recording library to review classes any time
    • unlimited access to all Pay Me What I’m Worth members
  • a pdf and printed copy of Pay Me What I’m Worth

Next steps:

Step 1:  Click to download our program guide. This guide provides detailed information on both what you’ll learn, class terms, costs and conditions. While reviewing our guide, take notes.  Have your notes at hand for our intake call – step 3 below.

Step 2:  Sample a few actual classes.  Click to listen to as many classes as you wish! (Download them.  Listen to them any time!)

Step 3:  Call Soul at 312-268-0000 to schedule a 30 minute intake interview.  He’ll review questions to determine if you’re ready to commit to a team effort to learn, laugh and grow more healthy, wealthy and wise.

We start our adventure when eight people qualify to join us on this journey. (Conference call day and time determined by team once we’re all on board.)


Our team will be at least eight, no more than 12 people. 

  • Check with your tax adviser.  Course fees may be tax deductible.
  • Soul and I will teach all classes.
  • Prepare yourself to experience exponential personal and professional growth along with an amazing spiritual awakening.


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